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I share my journey to becoming an illustrator. Starting as a reluctant reader in grade school, I discuss how my love of comic books inspired me to read and draw. By sharing my first hand drawn homemade comic books I show how my love of storytelling began and how it is intrinsically connected to my family and my culture. Furthermore I discuss where and how I learned how to paint.

Teachers and librarians should prepare by reading a selection of Eric’s books with their students.

A school day is 3 assembly or workshop sessions.

Here is my short bio to help your students know a bit about me.


Becoming an Illustrator

This presentation will share my most recent books, including my best selling GRANDMA'S RECORDS & the award winning GRANDMA'S GIFT. Students will be introduced to the culture by hearing music, as well as seeing photos and video of the actual band mentioned in these books.  I explain and show my process from rough sketch, to book dummy, to finished art. “How to create a fast portrait sketch” will conclude the presentations.

~ Grade K-1, Eric will read GRANDMA’S RECORDS, share book dummies and music
~ Grades 2-6, adapted with more emphasis on process for the older grades
~Grades 4-6 adapted with more emphasis in depth discussion of a particular book that shares images from rough sketches to the book dummy, to final painting. Eric will also discuss how he collected the reference material and chose the models for the project, with a comprehensive explanation on how the finished art is produced. This is an excellent presentation for young aspiring illustrators.

Length of presentation:
~Grade K-2: 30-40 minutes
~Grades 3-6: 45-60 minutes

Group size:  1-4 classes per presentation, depending on grade size.
~Grade K-2: 60 maximum
~Grade 3-6: 90 maximum


Illustrate your story

This 1 or 2 day workshop allows the student to get the full experience of engaging in the creative process by exploring both writing and picture making. Students create a book dummy based on their lives. The students first write a 400 word essay prior to my visit.
During the workshop I show the students how to construct the book dummy and how to combine their words and images to create an eight-page book dummy. A full list of materials and instructions will be available once the workshop is scheduled.

Length of presentation:
The workshop can be 1 or 2 sessions of 45-60 minutes each.

Session 1, will deal with the construction and fundamentals of illustrating a book dummy.  It can be finished in class or on the student’s own time. Session 2, will deal with finishing the book dummy, then concluding the session with a selection of students presenting their book dummies to the class.

Grades: Grades 3-6
Group size:  25 maximum



What should be on hand the day of the presentation?

An LCD projector, with speakers or Smartboard, a room that can be
darkened enough for an effective presentation. A hands free microphone and table, a large sketch pad.

Where can I see more illustrations by Eric?


What preferences are there for travel accommodations?

No School lunches, no Bed & Breakfasts

How do I schedule a visit?

Please contact Janet Zade
Zade Educational Partners or 781-749-2733

Free PDF for teachers:
Teaching Eric Velasquez's Grandma's Records and Grandma's Gift: A Teachers Guide
By Brian Kelley, Fordham University

Here is a PDF of my short bio.

Here are some photos of Eric at school vists.

Eric Velasquez
Eric Velasquez
School Visit
Eric Velasquez


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